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Basics: Navigation Overview
Quickly understand and master Virtual Cabinet's layout
Basics: Introduction & Concepts
Welcome to Virtual Cabinet!
Basic introduction
Intray: Your Document Inbox
Action or file documents coming into your intray, and how to send files to others
Indexing: Save, File & Archive
File documents from inside the product, Word, Excel, Powerpoint & Outlook
Using Notes
Add virtual ‘post-it’ notes to your documents
Duplicate Documents
Don’t create the same document multiple times, duplicate existing documents in Virtual Cabinet
Column Layout
Personalise your view and see the most relevant information first
Hot Folder
A quick and easy way to save files into
your intray or a filing cabinet
VC Go Mobile App
VC Go: The benefits
How VC Go can support you through the day. Creating a more efficient, mobile workforce
VC Go: Functionality
Explore all the functionality of VC Go
VC Go: Set Up
See how it easy it is to set up VC Go on your mobile devices. Follow this short video to get started
Tasks: What are they?
Learn how Tasks can enhance your business processes
Using Tasks
Start a new Task and manage Tasks
assigned to you
Task Reporting
Track bottlenecks, view audit details,
reassign Tasks.
Client Portal
Client Portal: Viewing & Signing
Explore all the functionality of VC Go
Authenticate Your
How recipients can authenticate a new device /browser
Portal Messaging
Send messages to your clients to discuss documents all within the safety of the Portal.
Portal Multiple Branding
Create multiple branded Portals to cater for different business services or departments.

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